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The Tick (TV) Review 3

The Tick Pilot (TV) Review

The Tick is a beloved cult comic and TV series, and for good reason. It’s a franchise that successfully lampooned the latent silliness of 90’s

Van Helsing Pilot (TV) Review 1

Van Helsing Pilot (TV) Review

The tale of Van Helsing is one that we’ve seen trotted out time and time again. Whether we’re talking about the mediocre Hugh Jackman vehicle,

Netflix's Daredevil (TV) Review 6

Netflix’s Daredevil (TV) Review

Given Marvel’s track record, if there was a serious question about the new Netflix Daredevil series it was whether or not “grim and gritty” would

Vikings Season 2 (DVD) Review 4

Vikings Season 2 (DVD) Review

Season One of Vikings grabbed the attention of a lot of people, and created the potential for a great show. It introduced us to Ragnar,

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Review 1

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Review

In hindsight, it’s nearly impossible to explain how Twin Peaks got on TV in 1990, let alone how it became a phenomenon. What network executive

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