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Sneaky Pete (Season 2) Review

Sneaky Pete (Season 2) Review

Sneaky Pete, a title coined in part due to co-creator Bryan Cranston‘s childhood nickname, is a quiet triumph from Amazon. There’s a distinct lack of

The Tick Season 1 (Amazon) Review

The Tick Season 1 (Amazon) Review

I’ve been waiting for a show like The Tick to come along. Often times comic book properties will take themselves too seriously, or go way too

Jessica Jones (Season 2) Review 2

Jessica Jones (Season 2) Review

After surviving the tepid second half of Luke Cage‘s first season, the “how did this get greenlit” Iron Fist, the disappointing Defenders, and the uneven

The 10 Best TV Shows of 2016 (Part 2) 1

Best of 2016: TV (4-1)

In the year 2016, the gods of Content sought fit to bless the planet with a torrent of media, in the hopes of distracting us

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