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Alan Wake (XBOX 360) Review 1

Alan Wake (XBOX 360) Review

The water in Alan Wake is absolutely breathtaking. That may seem like an unusual observation for the opening of a game Review, but the vistas

Calling (Wii) Review 2

Calling (Wii) Review

I was fully prepared to dislike Calling, the new Wii exclusive from Hudson Entertainment.  The Wii isn’t known for providing good horror and this particular

Dante’s Inferno (XBOX 360) Review 2

Dante’s Inferno (XBOX 360) Review

If you’ve played God of War, you’ve played Dante’s Inferno. The combat controls are nearly identical (quick attacks, power attacks, magic, quick-time events, and dodging)

Just Cause 2 (PS3) Review 1

Just Cause 2 (PS3) Review

On the surface, SquareEnix’s Just Cause 2 is a lot like any other sandbox game. There’s a big, open world (in this case, the fictional

Lost Planet 2 (XBOX 360) Review 1

Lost Planet 2 (XBOX 360) Review

Lost Planet 2 should be a good game. The third person combat isn’t great, but it’s generally functional and engaging. The boss battles are toweringly

Nier (XBOX 360) Review 1

Nier (XBOX 360) Review

Nier claims to be an Action RPG, and it does its best to live up to the title.  Health, magic, and combat are based on

Naughty Bear (XBOX 360) Review 1

Naughty Bear (XBOX 360) Review

Naughty Bear is a game. It’s not a good game, or even a particularly bad game. It’s simply a game, in the same way that

Ninety-Nine Nights II (XBOX 360) Review 1

Ninety-Nine Nights II (XBOX 360) Review

Ninety-Nine Nights 2 – or N3 II, as the box art perplexingly phrases it – is your typical Dynasty Warriors knock-off featuring broadly designed battlefields,

DeathSpank (XBOX 360) Review 1

DeathSpank (XBOX 360) Review

To be perfectly honest, there’s no reason not to buy DeathSpank. The latest downloadable action-RPG from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert features hilarious writing and

Limbo (XBOX 360) Review 1

Limbo (XBOX 360) Review

Even with no real narrative, Limbo’s hauntingly beautiful black-and-white presentation virtually guarantees that it will enter the games-as-art debate. The downloadable 2D puzzle-platformer blends arresting

Earthworm Jim HD (XBOX 360) Review 1

Earthworm Jim HD (XBOX 360) Review

The Can Is Re-Opened The Earthworm known as Jim started out as a product of that wonderful, demented time known as gaming in the 90s.

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